How will you ensure Kansas attracts and retains young talent?


Young Talent

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How will you ensure Kansas attracts and retains young talent?Last Name
State leaders must partner with local chambers to attract and retain industries that strategically offer opportunities for growth, advancement, sustainability and a willingness to creatively look to the future. They in turn will attract and retain those who are like minded, seeking those careers possibilities with these attributes. Yet another reason to focus on improving our local public schools, colleges and universities. Clothier
My husband and I previously worked at the Topeka Chamber of Commerce in Heartland Visioning and Forge working to attract and retain young talent. Much of this includes having good quality of life and quality of place as well as career opportunities. Kansas has great Universities, Colleges and Technical Schools graduating talented individual who we must recruit to choose Kansas. As a KSU who chose Topeka, KS and then worked to help others do this O'Shea
Kansas has to be a place where not only all are welcome, but where everyone has the same opportunities to thrive. First and foremost, this means restoring fairness in our tax system. With reckless tax policies, we cannot maintain critical investments in education at all levels or a transportation plan that creates good-paying jobs, expands broadband internet, and modernizes highways and bridges. We must also continue improving our quality of life Willis
Great question! I think we need to have a quality of life that is appealing to our young professionals and we need to ask them what THEY want, not what we think they want or need. Most studies indicate we need to have high paying jobs, recreational opportunities, affordable housing, and a culture of acceptance. I would look at policies that promote those ideals. Dietrich
We have to create good-paying jobs by attracting and retaining businesses. We have to ensure access to affordable healthcare with coverage of pre-existing conditions. And, we must continue fully and fairly funding education at all levels - from pre-K through higher education and career training programs. Hensley
Attracting and retaining young talent AND businesses! They go together. We need well-paying jobs and good benefits, including affordable health insurance and coverage of preexisting conditions. We must ensure the availability and affordability of educational career training and development opportunities. Schlingensiepen
I think allowing young people to be a part of the conversation of ways to grow Kansas will help to attract and retain young talent. Our nonprofit, God's Storehouse, has had much success by allowing younger people to be directly involved. I also think we can do that by bringing in good businesses that will produce jobs. Kloos