Can you please give us your perspective on education in Kansas?



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Can you please give us your perspective on education in Kansas?Last Name
My wife Lynn a retired kindergarten teacher and I proudly raised our three children here in Topeka and like all parents, want them to have opportunities close to home. Having spent 12 years on the Topeka Public Schools Board of Education I understand that our schools are the foundation of our community. Topeka will only be as strong as our ability to turn educational opportunity into workforce opportunity. Clothier
I have my masters of education and many family and friends work in the schools. I've committed to fully fund schools. We’ve seen during COVID-19 how much our school provide important social services so we need to ensure success in all-around well-being of students and teachers. O'Shea
Through my work as an educational nonprofit leader, I know that our educators and children deserve more. We need to strive to make our public education system here in Kansas world-class. It starts with high quality and affordable childcare and pre-K. I also will work to ensure that higher education, including community and technical colleges, is affordable and accessible. Willis
Kansas K-12 education has been ranked in the top 10 of all states for many years. However, after years of underfunding, student achievement has suffered. We need to re-focus on the value of a strong education system, affordable college options, and training programs to provide a skilled workforce and a bright future. Dietrich
I am a retired classroom teacher of 43 years with a passion of ensuring all Kansas children have the opportunity to receive a world class education. I understand that education is at the very foundation of a strong economy. We must protect the critical investments in education at all levels. Hensley
I and my children were educated in Topeka public schools, and now my grandchildren are receiving their education there, as well. An education is critical to being a well-rounded citizen. It opens doors to careers and contributes to a strong economy. We must protect our investment in education at all levels. Schlingensiepen
Education is important to me. I support Dr. Randy Watson’s education redesign program for students, which gives students more opportunity with trade skills in our schools. Before COVID-19, we had a job shortage of almost 50,000 trade jobs in Kansas. We need to have a skilled work force to fill these jobs and attract other businesses. We also must work to address our teacher shortage across the state by paying our teachers more. Kloos