What do you feel is Kansas' biggest opportunity?



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What do you feel is Kansas' biggest opportunity?Last Name
There are a number of “big opportunities” that lie ahead for Kansas. First and foremost, getting our economy back on track. Medicaid expansion is one such opportunity as it returns to Kansas federal tax dollars that will affect our economy in the most broad-based manner impacting both our metropolitan and rural communities. Lowering the sales tax on food benefiting the elderly and those on a fixed income. Clothier
Senate Bill 252, a bipartisan, budget-neutral bill that expands Medicaid in KS. Broadband expansion is crucial to recruiting and retaining families and business in our rural communities. I support legislation like House Bill 2618 which did not make it through the legislature in 2020 due to the shortened session, to establish a competitive grant program to fund broadband expansion. I want to help push through the Polk/Quincy Viaduct project O'Shea
Our biggest opportunity right now is keeping Kansas on a path moving forward. After nearly a decade of reckless Brownback tax policies, we are finally on the right path to ensuring opportunities for all Kansans. Governor Kelly needs support from leaders like me to keep working to make Kansas a great place to live, work, and raise a family. That’s the best way to retain our younger population. Willis
People. We need to fully utilize our most important resource — the people of Kansas, who possess not only a superb work ethic, but also an unwavering spirit tempered by generations of adversity. We have creative, innovative, hard-working individuals who have big dreams and know how to bring those dreams to fruition. Dietrich
Our biggest opportunity is this Election and deciding whether to move Kansas forward or take Kansas back to Brownback-era policies. I remain committed to restoring tax fairness and reducing the burden on average Kansans and those living on fixed incomes while protecting critical investments in education and the 10-year transportation plan. Hensley
This election! EITHER we go back to the Brownback-era, in when tax breaks for the wealthy were paid for by defunding education and plundering our highway fund OR we continue to move forward with legislators committed to fair taxation, funding our children’s future, and infrastructure improvements. Schlingensiepen
I think we have a great opportunity to grow Kansas. Having visited all 105 counties in the state it showed me how much Kansas has to offer. We have great historic sites, restaurants, agritourism, and schools. We just need people promoting them. Kloos