What should the state be doing to help the Kansas economy and Kansans struggling with the effects of COVID-19?


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What should the state be doing to help the Kansas economy and Kansans struggling with the effects of COVID-19?Last Name
Our small businesses are a key driver in the Kansas economy. As a former small business owner, I know that every dollar counts. As decision makers we have to be efficient in our use of tax dollars to prevent instability in their budgets. We need to look for ways to cut red tape, making it easier and less costly to operate and we need to work with local Chambers to see what they need outside of the current economic development tools available. Clothier
Support passed legislature liability protections for businesses following CDC guidelines. Safely open being careful about sharing "hot spots" as to not hurt small businesses. Open schools as much as possible for the sake of children's well-being / so parents can get back to work. There is opportunity to work with colleges to offer retraining programs to help unemployed Kansans get skills for high paying jobs, look at success from other states. O'Shea
I know that to fully recover from the impacts of COVID-19, we must be fiscally responsible and work to restore fairness to the tax system in a way that promotes job growth, encourages small businesses and relieves the burden on average Kansans and seniors living on fixed incomes. We must also find ways to provide additional support to small businesses as they work to recover. We must ensure Kansans remain healthy. Willis
We need to find innovative ways to get all of our businesses open and flourishing. An immediate help would be eliminating the red tape that impedes economic growth. We must maintain our commitment to the Transportation Plan....good roads are an economic development tool...and provide resources to local governments to attract new business and retain current businesses. Dietrich
Governor Kelly has demonstrated true leadership throughout this entire public health crisis. We must continue working with her to support small businesses and keep Kansans safe and healthy. In my opinion, everything was going well in combating COVID-19 in Kansas so long as Governor Kelly was in charge. The pandemic turned for the worse since the Republican leadership began restricting her ability to do her job. Hensley
Governor Kelly has provided solid leadership during the pandemic. Knowledge of the Covid-19 virus continues to evolve, and so must our response. Wearing masks, washing hands, and social distancing are elementary. We should also help small businesses to adapt. We must protect both lives and livelihoods. Schlingensiepen
We have to continue working to find monies and grants for our small businesses to help them recover and get back on track, while safely reopening our businesses. Kloos