What is the most important duty of your office?



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What is the most important duty of your office?Last Name
To truly be a representative of the people of the district. We need to focus on bringing real change to the 57th district. We need to keep Kansas open for business. We need to look at ways to get our small businesses back on track. The state caused this shutdown, and we have a responsibility to help businesses get moving again. Kansas has the highest taxes in the 5-state area, we need to cut spending and reduce taxes. Martin
People in District 55 feel ignored, unheard and like they don't matter. We need to correct that. My most important job will be to represent everyone, both Democrat and Republican, giving those who feel invisible, a voice. This is not about me, it will be about every person I serve. And at the end of the day, my most important duty is servant leadership. Nesbett-Tucker
Being a voice for those who live, work, and go to school in the 50th District. Patton
The most important duty of this office is to listen, to learn and to respond to the needs of those that you serve. Developing good policy that impacts the lives of those you represent each and every day is essential. As a bridge builder I am committed to fostering an environment which encourages an open and productive dialogue between legislators of both parties to advance policies that benefit all Kansans. Clothier
Most important duty to me in my office is to be responsive to the citizens of the state of Kansas and the voters in the 56th District. Weigel
Helping constituents. Kuether
To represent the interest of the people of the 52nd House District in the Kansas Legislature. Our Shared Priorities include Responsible Budgeting, Business Friendly Climate, High Quality of Life, Kansas Values. My campaign slogan is: Putting People Over Politics. Elected officials have a duty to set aside politics and represent the best interest of the people they serve. Borjon
I am a businesswoman, leader, and servant to my community listening to constituents and working together to find solutions for the greater good. We need a COVID recovery plan including opening the economy safely and getting people back in their jobs. My priorities include supporting small businesses, funding education for student outcomes, access to healthcare and finally expanding access to broadband. O'Shea
The most important duty of the office is to understand the struggles of the average hardworking Kansan and support policies that will relieve these burdens ensuring Kansas is a better place to live, work and raise a family. Willis
The legislature is a law-making body that has a constitutional duty to pass a balanced budget. Within that budget we must fund the state's priorities.....education, public safety, infrastructure, social services, KPERs, etc. to keep government running efficiently and to provide essential services to all Kansans. Lastly, we were elected to represent the views and beliefs of the people we serve and help them solve their problems and thrive. Dietrich
The most important duty of my office is serving Kansans. Hensley
The most important duty of my office, if elected, will be to represent the people of Senate District 18 from the floor of the Kansas Senate and, through the regular listening and information sessions I intend to convene in the District, to insure that its residents are informed about the Senate agenda and have a voice at the table. Schlingensiepen
Ensuring our policies and politics are done in a way that best represents the district, while also bringing peace and unity to the community. With so much unrest across the nation we have to start looking for ways that bring unity. That's why I held several events promoting unity in the community. Kloos