We asked each candidate to tell us “why they are running” in 250 characters or less.

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Ann Mah

State Board of Education 4th District

Why are you running?

As a former teacher and legislator, I bring a wide range of experience to the state board. My first term was about learning the issues and redesigning education. My next term will continue that work with more focus on racial injustice in education.

What is the most important duty of your office?

My most important duty is to try and provide adequate and equitable education to all Kansas public school students.

What role does technology and the internet play in a 21st Century education?

COVID showed us the importance of access to technology and the inequity of technology availability between districts. Technology is a part of students lives’ now and will be even more as they enter post-secondary training and work. We must use it and teach students to navigate the technical world.

How you propose to support mental health in K-12 education?

Our schools are the number one provider of mental health services to students. I support the mental health pilot, bringing services directly to schools, and the work our mental health task force is doing to address current key mental health issues.


Cynthia "Cyndi" Beck

County Clerk


Larry Mah

County Treasurer


Becky Nioce

Register of Deeds

Why are you running?

I love serving the people of Shawnee county and leading a great team of people in protecting property records.

What is the most important duty of your office?

I safeguard your real estate records which is the most valuable investment many people have. We have over $11 billion worth of real estate in Shawnee County.

Are there any new or existing programs you would start, end, or expand? If yes, please explain.

I am excited to expand our property fraud alert service. It is free and will alert you to potential fraud. Go to to sign up. Or call 785-251-4020 and a staff member can sign you up.


Brian Hill