Mike Padilla


City Council
Why are you running?
I have served the Topeka community in many roles from police officer for 34 years and now as a city councilman. I have learned much and have had opportunities to help positively impact our community.
How have you already been volunteering or serving in the city?
Yes, the list is long for the number of civic organizations I either have been a member of or a board member. I am a co-founder of Safe Streets, Stop All Violence Everywhere(S.A.V.E.), MADD, Salvation Army, Midland Care, Meals On Wheels, Church Stewardship Committee, Mayor's Council On Diversity, Governor's Task Force On Racial Profiling, Supreme Court Blue Ribbon Committee on Justice, Jayhawk Area Agency On Aging, Visioning Topeka, Momentum 2022
If you are elected, how will you solicit input from areas of the city outside of where you live?
The Mayor office is responsive to all. In practice I have been doing that as a councilman already. While I represent District 5 specifically, I have also done work in other districts by collaborating with fellow councilmembers and the current Mayor. Forum on topics of interest encourages communication, email, phone calls and office visits continue that connection. I plan on setting some regular office hour to meet citizens, businessmen.
How would you encourage more community engagement from young professionals?
There are a number of established professional groups in Topeka. But, there are some new groups forming that struggle to grow membership and be recognized. I can envision a "directory" of sorts that could be shared explaining each groups focus, activities and membership drives.
What do you believe the role of the City Council should be in the development and support of the city's cultural and economic infrastructure for young professionals?
Don't try to reinvent what we already have. There are strong communities of culture that come from church, school and educational and entertainment events. The city council must be supportive in an equal way for all of the diverse activities and be an advocate to grow the interest by seeking out leaders to liaison with the council.
If you are appointed to Council, list three goals you would like to see the City achieve during your term.
If you are appointed to Council, list three goals you would like to see the City achieve during your term.
Goal 1
Expand efforts to improve neighborhoods by rehabilitation and encouraging new construction. Safe and thriving neighborhoods will attract more people to come to Topeka to work and play. We must retain our citizens by making them our priority. Roads.
Goal 2
Public safety is a responsibility of government and all citizens in a community. The police have a role that is more than responding to events. An engaged outreach effort must be ongoing, planned and adaptable. Improving overall safety with citizens
Goal 3
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is something I have been working on my entire adult life and career. This has to be intentional in all aspect of our lives and our service to the community. How are we as a city treating each other?
How can people connect with you?
My campaign email is padilla4mayor at


Are there any new or existing programs you would start, end, or expand? If yes, please explain.
I would like to initiate a mayors commission to look at creating a Topeka Cultural Museum. I want to continue the economic development along our city gateways as inviting to visitors and residents.