The Shawnee County District Attorney’s Office is responsible for the charging and prosecution of all violations of State law, and some County law, that occur within the jurisdictional limits of Shawnee County. The DA handles a variety of cases including adult and juvenile offender cases, child in need of care cases, asset forfeiture cases, and care and treatment cases. The DA is also responsible for investigating violations of the Kansas Open Meetings and Open Records Acts. It is the mission of the District Attorney to carry out these responsibilities in an organized, efficient, and ethical manner and pursue justice and public safety for our community as a whole.


We asked each candidate to tell us “why they are running” in 250 characters or less.

*If there is no message, a response has yet to be shared with us.

Mike Kagay


Serving as the District Attorney is the greatest professional honor of my life. Each day in this role I have the opportunity to seek truth and serve justice on behalf of our community. Our families are safer because of the work my office has done.

Joshua Luttrell


 I am running because our community needs a District Attorney who is proactive and passionate about making sure our justice system works for everyone. I love our community and know how we can work together to fix our criminal justice problems.