How do we cultivate and keep young talent in Shawnee County?


Young Talent

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How do we cultivate and keep young talent in Shawnee County?Last Name
It starts with providing quality of life opportunities for young people. By nurturing their talents you are increasing the chances for them to stay in Shawnee County. Additionally, studies show that young talent increasing looks for these quality of life opportunities when looking for a community. The more opportunities the greater the possibility of cultivation and retention. Cook
The Senior Class is leaving town & not returning. We need to change our strategy in how we retain & attract young people to Shawnee County. We should plan our park development on areas were we have natural landmarks. Such as the KS River, Brown v Board, & Old Soldier Creek areas. As we budget for law enforcement and public safety, our county needs to assure the citizens that our community will be a safe place to live, work, & raise a family. Kabus