What is the most important duty of your office?



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What is the most important duty of your office?Last Name
Listening. It is important for a Commissioner to listen to all parties and then use that information to help forge the best result. A Commissioner should be open to hearing from people who are both inside and outside of the system. This is the most important thing that I do as a Commissioner. Cook
Providing the level of service that Shawnee County residents expect from their government. Quality roads, a robust parks system, reliable trash service, and an effective public safety infrastructure are all important components in what we do. Mays
The most important duty of a commissioner is to listen and respond to the needs of the people. Leadership is a practice in recognizing the resources and people in your community and fostering an environment for their success. Our county already has the resources and people to bring in new businesses, preserve our landmarks, and fix our problems. We just need the leadership to get those things to work together. Kabus