PhotoFirst NameLast NameWhy are you running?Dist.School Board RaceWebsite, Blog or Social Media Link
Spencer Duncan I’m a lifelong Topekan who grew up in District 8 and we are now raising our family here. We must make Topeka a better place for residents and I want to work with you to solve these problems. D8
Clark W. Trammell To be an active, inclusive, positive part of the community conversation. To move the conversation from circular to appropriate decisions. To actively represent District 6/City in a professional & visionary oversight manner on a full-time, 24/7 basis. D6
Hannah Naeger I grew up here, was loved & supported by our city as a kid. It's in this spirit that I am running. I want to serve the people who nurtured me. From fixing streets to attracting more to Topeka I'll serve the city by making awesome things happen. D6 For more information, visit Hannah for District 6.
Tony Emerson To continue to serve my constituents and sustain/accelerate the momentum we have in Topeka. D4
Jeff Coen I am running because this last council has created a huge momentum of change. We’re focusing on fixing streets again. Great things are happening in Topeka right now, and we need to continue moving all areas of Topeka forward. D8 Jeff Coen's Website
Will Pope I'm running because Oakland, North Topeka, and East Topeka have been too often neglected by the city. I believe that all residents should be treated equally regardless of neighborhood of economic condition. Topeka is also stagnant. We need change. D2
Tamika Terry I am running because the people asked me to run. I am running because I am worthy to represent the people to which I relate to. D2 Tamika Terry for City Council District 2 (Facebook)
Lucas Ryan I'm running because I believe in a better Topeka. I know this city has talent and potential, we just need to focus in on the root causes of our issues and build strong foundations to become the best version of our city. D6 Lucas Ryan's Website